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Pedestrian roller for sale in Kenya

When compacting hardcore and asphalt on small projects, nothing comes in handy than a pedestrian roller. Pedestrian rollers are also used in tight spaces where the big tractor rollers are unable to reach. Whether you are constructing or repairing pathways and driveways this is the machine for you. There are many different pedestrian rollers for sale in Kenya and they come with different capabilities.

Our pedestrian rollers for sale in Kenya are highly maneuverable and lightweight allowing you to work with ease and without fatigue. Besides, they are also high performers capable of working on different types of materials including asphalt, hardcore, sand, bituminous surfaces, and marram. This tool allows you to achieve a flat surface finish that lasts long due to the compact sub-base.

Since we stock the best brands, you expect to enjoy the most innovative features in a pedestrian roller. For instance, our pedestrian rollers come with beveled drums. These drums are the best for leveling all types of materials. Also, self-cleaning scrapers prevent buildup of dirt on the drum. The engines are superior performers providing the required power to move the drum with ease and compact the material as much as possible in one pass.

The handle controls are not only adjustable but also ergonomic allowing you to maneuver and use the roller with ease. There Is easy vibration control and throttle regulation that is close to your hands and easy to use when needed. The steering handles or rods are also vibration dampened to ensure you can work for long without fatigue. Most of the pedestrian rollers available for sale from us also come with many safety features to keep you safe as you work.

We are the one stop shop for pedestrian roller for sale in Kenya. Contact us now to make an inquiry about our pedestrian rollers.