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Hessian Cloth Price in Kenya

Hessian Cloth 1x457 metres (5 oz x 500 yards) - Ksh 48,000/=

Hessian Cloth (11 oz) - Ksh 500/= per metre

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Looking for Hessian Cloth in Kenya? Then you are in the right place. We supply quality hessian cloths in Kenya at offer great prices. Whether you are looking for a few meters or you need many rolls, we have enough stock to meet your needs.

Hessian is an eco-friendly fabric that can be used for many purposes. There is growing interest in use of this fabric because of its low cost and durability. Hessian cloth is made from the skin of the Jute plant or from sisal fibers. It can be woven in many different ways ranging from dense to very open to cater for many different needs that people buy it for.

In some Kenyan homes, you will find Hessian fabric used for interior design on some statement pieces. It is also used to make packaging sacks, rugs, bags, and other related products. Since the fabric is breathable, it is also used to store or transport food items since it can keep them fresh. Hessian fabric is also very common in upholstering chairs and sofas. Hessian also has a lot of uses in construction and industries.

Hessian fabric can also be laminated or treated to make it waterproof making great for use where a waterproof material is required. In construction and horticulture, hessian fabric is used to protect materials from the damaging effects of cold since it has good thermal properties. It has many other uses in agriculture.

If you are in the market for Hessian cloth in Kenya, then you should consider buying from us. We stock quality hessian cloth that is properly woven to last you for long. Your search for hessian cloth in Kenya ends here. Place your order today and have it delivered to you wherever you are. Do not hesitate to talk to us if you have any queries.