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Culvert Balloon Price in Kenya

Culvert Balloon Price in Kenya

Width Length PRICE (Ksh)
300MM 12 Metres Ksh 108,000
400MM 12 Metres Ksh 142,000
600MM 6 Metres Ksh 108,000
600MM 9 Metres Ksh 153,000
600MM 12 Metres Ksh 203,000
600MM 14 Metres Ksh 233,000
900MM 6 Metres Ksh 148,000
900MM 9 Metres Ksh 223,000
900MM 12 Metres Ksh 298,000
900MM 14 Metres Ksh 350,000
1200MM 12 Metres Ksh 450,000
1200MM 14 Metres Ksh 468,000

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Culvert balloons make the culvert formwork very easy. If you are in the market for a culvert balloon for your business, then you are at the right place. As suppliers of culvert balloons in Kenya we are capable of providing you the best quality products at the most affordable culvert balloon price in Kenya.

Our culvert balloons are very capable since they are made of high – strength synthetic rubbers that can withstand brute use. These culvert balloons have a preventive layer made of vulcanized rubber that ensures the balloon lasts for long.

Our culvert balloons offer great flexibility, allowing you to easily work on culverts of all lengths. Our culvert balloons can offer 0.2m to 3m diameter and 1m to 28m length. We also offer customized sizes for businesses that need them.

We offer you a choice between different shapes as needed. You can either get round, square, rectangular, pentagonal, hexagonal and so many other cross sectional shapes to create the culverts with the shapes you want.

When investing in a culvert balloon for your business, there are many factors that come to mind. However, quality should really be your main concern and that is where we lead. Our culvert balloons have served businesses for ages and when it is time for them to invest in another balloon they remember our name.

You too can make the right choice and get your culvert balloon from the most reliable suppliers in the country. We know the best quality products and those are the only ones we stock. When you get the best quality, your investment gives you great returns which makes the culvert balloon price in Kenya worth it.

Do not hesitate to contact us today and learn more about our quality products. Our experts are on standby waiting for your call.