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Concrete Mixer for Sale in Kenya

Looking for a concrete mixer for sale in Kenya? Then you might have found out that choosing one can be tasking especially if it is your first time. Even when you are replacing an old one, you might find new entrants in the market offering a wide array of features.

But what makes a concrete mixer worthwhile? First, you should consider the drum capacity of the mixer. The drum capacity is guided by how you will be using the concrete mixer. For regular professional use the ideal drum capacity is about 400 – 500L. With this capacity you can quickly be able to build a concrete slab without compromising on flexibility.

The concrete mixer should also be efficient yet powerful. This means that the engine should produce enough power to handle the load so that a homogenous mixture is attained in the shortest time possible. This means that you will not spend so much money on fuel enhancing your earnings. You can get these features and more in AICO concrete mixers.

AICO concrete mixers are the best mixers in Kenya offering a perfect mix of quality, efficiency and reliability. Plus, these mixers are really affordable. The Aico brand comes with all the necessary features for a concrete mixer. There aren't unnecessary features that drive up the price or make maintenance or repairs a nightmare.

This is not all, AICO concrete mixers have been in the country for a long time and are widely used by contractors. This means spare parts and technicians conversant with the brand are readily available. But you don't have to worry about quality, when you purchase AICO brand you get an industry leading warranty on the mixer so you can concentrate on your work.

AICO concrete mixers give you the best value for money and return on your investment.